Donation for Needy Priests in this Crisis

Donation for Needy Priests in this Crisis

Donate for the poor Priest families who are most suffering in this Corona lockdown across the country. Your small donation can make a big difference in the life of their family.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread across all the countries and infected thousands of people. The Most badly affected groups are the Pandits or Priests who are not having any regular income and whose family’s daily bread depends on the prayers they perform every day. Many poor Priest families are struggling without Food and Money during this lockdown.

Key Insights: 
  • Offer Food for Brahmin Priests.
  • Get Blessings from the Priests.
  • Needy Priest families will be provided with essential items.
  • Sankalp will be performed in your name.

Our Promise :

  • Help will be provided only to the Needy Priest families
  • All the essential items will be donated in your name.
  • Once Donated the pictures of the deed will be sent to your email.
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Product Description

Donation mentioned in our scripture as Dhaan is an integral part of Vedic culture. Our ancient scripture says about the importance and the necessities of offering a donation to lead a blissful life. 

According to Skanda Puran, a person should spend 10% of earned income on good deeds or works of public benefit. We request each individual to come forward and support our relief efforts. Lift up your hands for help!!

We at Harivara Pooja Services work alongside a big network of Purohits performing pujas in various States all over India. We are raising funds for the Poor Purohits, Pandits, Patashalas, Temple Archakas Community & their families who are desperately in need to help for their day-to-day survival due to the current Lockdown Scenario.

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Donation for Needy Priests in this Crisis