Antim Sanskar- Last Rites

Antim Sanskar is the set of rituals performed for the person who dies so that their Soul gets peace and they go to the Pitru lok happily without any problem.

Key Insights: 
  • Performed for the soul to get peace.
  • 1st day to 13th day all the Rituals are performed.
  • Performed at a separate place in-home or at sabha.
  • Get the blessings from ancestors.

Our Promise :

  • Vedic and experienced Pandits.
  • Our team will reach in just a few hours of time.
  • Ambulance / Freezer Box /Ambalming service can be provided.
  • We guarantee a high quality of service.
  • All the Puja items and daana items can be arranged by us.
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Product Description

There are 16 Samskaras in Hindus, in that Antima samskara is the last samskara which is to be performed after the person dies. whoever takes birth has to leave the body one day. it is very important to perform the last rites of the person who dies so that their Atma (Soul) attains peace.

As soon as the person dies at home a Pandit who does Apara kriya does the karya at the house and then the body is taken to the crematorium where again a small karya, Havan and Daan is performed. later the body is burned in wood or electric machine.

Book Pandit for Last Rites or Antim Sanskar. All the Samagris will be arranged by us. All our Pandits are well experienced and highly qualified in performing the death rituals.

Funeral Services or Anthyesti is performed as per the Vedic ways by our team.



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Antim Sanskar- Last Rites