Narayana Bali

5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 reviews)
Narayana Bali

Narayana Bali

5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 reviews)

Narayana Bali is done to Vishnu devaru to liberate the dead person’s soul who died in unnatural ways, so that their spirit can rest in peace.

Key Insights :

  • Performed when any person’s death occurs in unnatural ways.
  • It liberates the soul of the dead person.
  • Performed usually during ancestor rituals or Thila homa.
  • Deity worshiped: Lord Narayana.
  • Artificial body of wheat flour is used in this homa.

Our Promise :

  • Vedic Patashala certified and experienced priests.
  • All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures.
  • High quality samagri to ensure a pleasant Pooja experience.
  • Guaranteed Punctuality and Authenticity.
  • Professional Guidance & Support.

Product Description

Narayana is Vishnu devaru and Bali means offering and so Narayana Bali is a homa done to appease Lord Narayana for the death occurred in unnatural ways like suicide, by curse, drowning, snake bite, struck by lightning, etc. This Homa  should be performed to fulfill the wishes of dead person and rest them in peace.

In narayana bali homa, souls that have desires are invoked in to an artificial body of wheat flour and then the funeral liberates them to another world. Vishnu Sahasranams are chanted.

When to Perform Narayana Bali Homa ?

This Homa can be performed on any auspicious tithi. It is generally performed before performing any ancestral rituals or thila homa.

Benefits of Narayana Bali Homa :

  • Helps the soul of our ancestors to rest in peace.
  • Helps to get rid of the Negative effect of Pitru Dosh in the horoscope.
  • Secures the Family from all the bad spirits after performance of rites and the blessings of ancestors are received.

Book Purohit for Narayana Bali. All the Pooja Samagri will be brought by Purohit. All the Purohits are well experienced and studied from Vedic Pathshala.

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3 reviews for Narayana Bali

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  1. How Long does the Homa take to complete?
    • Homas are typically performed for 2+ hours at the same time it also depends on the package selected for the homa.
  2. When will I get the Prasad for my Homa if I select Vedic Pooja Center since I'm abroad?
    • You will receive the Prasad for your Homa within 14 working days after the homa has been performed (Subject to the country and the customs department of that particular country)