Dasha Dhanam

Dasha Dhanam

Dasha Dhanam is performed after the death of the person. It helps a person to rid of all sins if having any Pithru dosha.

Key Insights :

  • Dasha Dhanam can be performed for getting rid of Pithru dosha.
  • All the Dhanams will be given to a poor brahmin.
  • Pooja will be performed before giving Dhanam.

Our Promise :

  • Dhanam will be donated in your name.
  • All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures.
  • Professional Guidance & Support.
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Offering Donation is a momentous procedure as per our Vedas. After death, a person has to go through many difficulties as per the Karma performed during the lifetime.

In Mahabharata, it is indicated that Knowledge is the friend while traveling; the wife is the friend at home; medicine is the friend of the sick and Dhanam is the friend of one who is going to die.

There are different types of Dhanams in that Dasha Dhanam refers to 10 things that are donated for the poor brahmins. Below are the 10 Dhanams:

1. Land or Chandanam – By doing this, a person is relieved from great sins such as Brahmahathya. It is believed that instead of giving land as a donation, a piece of Chandana(sandal) wood is offered in case of financial inability. The Chandana smell is associated with the element earth because of its fragrance.

2. Tila – Tila refers to a Black sesame seed that removes the sin in thought, speech, and action.

3. Gold – This satisfies all gods and spares one of the sufferings of Yama Loka.

4. Ghee – To please devas.

5. Vastram – To spare trouble from Yamadutas.

6. Dhanyam – To spare trouble from the gatekeepers of Yama Loka.

7. Jaggery – To take a person to Uthama Loka.

8. Silver – To be exempt from sins and enjoys heaven.

9. Salt – To spare of the fear of Yama.

10. Cow – The Dhanam of cow takes one beyond all kinds of hells and obtains liberation.

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Dasha Dhanam