Mahalaya Srardham (For Brahmins Only)

Mahalaya Srardham (For Brahmins Only)

Mahalaya Srardham (For Brahmins Only)

Price Range : Rs 2,600.00 - Rs 7,400.00

Mahalaya Srardham is an alternative way to perform a Parvana Srardha easily by providing Arisi (rice), Paruppu (Daal), Vazhakkai (Raw banana) & Banana to One, two, Five or more brahmins. It starts from 21st September 2021 and ends on 6th October 2021 (Ammavasai).

This type of Srardham is performed specially . The total duration to perform this ritual will be 20 mins – 30 mins.

Places to Perform Mahalaya Srardham & Details:

  • Based on your location in the city, we can perform the Mahalaya Srardham at your home or in our Centre.
  • Srardham date can be fixed by Harivara if requested as per Thithi.
  • All Srardham Materials will be brought by us on request.

Our Promise:

  • Vedic Patashala certified and experienced priests.
  • We guarantee a high quality of service and a positive devotee experience.
  • Pooja is performed as per Thithi, Gotra, and Veda.
Pooja will be performed in: Bangalore
Location :

Product Description

Mahalaya Srardham is a religious ceremony, often performed annually, in propitiation of their departed ancestors technically known as Pithrus. It starts from 21st September 2021 and ends on 6th October 2021.

Mahalaya Paksha 2021 Dates:

21st Sept: Prathamai Thithi
22nd Sept: Dwitiyai Thithi
23rd Sept: Tritiyai Thithi
24th Sept: Chaturthi Thithi / Bharani Nakshathram
25th Sept: Panchami Thithi
26th Sept: Shashthi Thithi
28th Sept: Saptami Thithi
29th Sept: Ashtami Thithi
30th Sept: Navami Thithi
1st Oct: Dashami Thithi
2nd Oct: Ekadashi Thithi
3rd Oct: Dwadashi Thithi / Magha Nakshathram
4th Oct: Trayodashi Thithi
5th Oct: Chaturdashi Thithi
6th Oct: Sarva Pitru Amavasai Thithi

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