Annadana for Brahmins

Annadana for Brahmins

Annadana for Brahmins

Price: Rs 3,000.00

Brahmin Bhojanam is an Ancient Custom of offering food to Brahmins since they represent God, to get the blessings of our pitrus. Brahmin Bhojanam Can be arranged for any ceremonies like Marriage, Shradh, Pitru paksha.

Key Insights: 
  • Feed Food for Brahmins
  • Get Blessings from your Pitrus.
  • Pure Satvik Vegetarian food should be cooked.
  • Organized on Amavasya, Pitrupaksham, Tithi days, etc

Our Promise :

  • Brahmins will be on time.
  • Professional Guidance will be provided,
  • We can arrange a Brahmin bhojan at our place also.
  • Video of your Sankalpam will be sent.
Location : At Harivara Centre


Brahmana Bhojanam is a very important ritual in which brahmins are fed food on different occasions like,

  • Pitru paksha
  • Amavasya
  • During the yearly Shradha Ceremony
  • During Abdika Ceremony
  • Any Occasion of Pitru Pujas
  • Anyone who wishes to give food to brahmins

Conducting Brahmana bhojana in our homes for Pitrus brings lots of positive effects in one’s life as they are blessed with their ancestors.

In order to gain fulfillment and spiritual peace in the afterlife, Brahman bhoj is an effective ritual. By Brahman Bhojan we can satisfy our 14 generations of ancestors and get their blessings.

serving to a Brahmin in any way like Dakshina, offering Food, etc. as per one’s capacity is also a kind of indirect prayer to God Almighty since we are doing so for a person who has dedicated his entire life for the service of God and welfare of mankind.

Book Brahmins for Bhojana at your home or book bhojanam at our centers and get a video of your Sankalpam.

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