Guru peyarchi 2018

Guru Peyarchi Pooja & Archana – 2018

Get your prasad with these simple steps:

  •  Give all your details including Rasi & Nakshatra of you and your family in “notes” before payment or  email  us at
  • Total of 5 members will be considered for one archana.
  • Archana will be done for you and your family members on October 23rd during Guru peyarchi in the famous Guru sthalam“Vallalar temple- Sri Metha Dakshinamoorthy- Mayiladuthurai”where more than 50,000 people will gather to witness the Guru peyarchi.
  • You will receive the prasad via courier directly by November 1st.

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Product Description


Jupiter in Sanskrit is known as Brahaspati (meaning Lord of the light), Guru (meaning teacher) and Guru of Devas (Mentor of Gods). He is regarded as the most divine and benefic planet in astrology representing Divine Wisdom, Children, Husband, Wealth & Abundance in a person’s Chart.


On Saturday, October 23rd, 2018 (As per Vakya Panchang) Planet Jupiter – Guru – Brihaspati Deva will be transiting and leaving Libra and will then move to Scorpius.This is a very auspicious time to undertake such sacred offerings when Lord Jupiter enters Scorpius. Significant blessings will be received by those who participate in these archanas, pujas, homams.

The Package Includes,

  • Rasi, Naksthra and Gothram details for 5 family members.
  • Prasad will be send to your mentioned address via courier.

Other remedies/pariharams to follow to please Guru:

  1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food on Thursdays.
  2. Visit Vallalar Temple in mayiladuthurai or Alangudi Guru sthalam.
  3. Help older and handicapped people and sponsor for poor children Education.
  4. Visit temples on each and every Saturdays.
  5. Do charity, anna dhaan (food) as much as you can.
  6. Read the Guru kavacha slokas for attaining peace and reduce the bad effects.



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Guru peyarchi 2018