Pariharam for Budhan – Swetaranyeswarar Temple (Thiruvengadu)


Pariharam for Budhan – Swetaranyeswarar Temple (Thiruvengadu)

Sri Swedaranyeswarar temple or budhan Sthalam is located in Thiruvenkadu near Kumbakonam. This temple is also one among the 51 Sakthi Peethas. This place is also called Adhi Chidambaram.

All the bad effects caused by this planet can be overcome by performing this Pariharm.

Key Insights :

  • To gain intelligence, wisdom and academic skills.
  • To get rid of malefic effects by Budha dasha.
  • Done on Wednesdays or an auspicious date compatible with your Janma nakshatra.
  • Main deity: Budha (Mercury).
  • Main ingredient is Pasi Payaru (Green Gram).

Our Promise :

  • Vedic Patashala certified and experienced priests.
  • Our manager will be with you throughout the experience in the Temple.
  • Best Accommodation, Travel and Catering services can be arranged.
  • We Guarantee high quality of service and a positive devotee experience.
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Product Description

Budhan the son of Moon is the wisest planet, represents education, business, self-confidence, communication, analysis, mathematics. When Budhan is malefic or wrongly placed in our horoscope it gives mental problems, nervous breakdown problems and financial losses.

When should I perform this Pariharam?

This Pariharam is performed on Wednesday, the date can be selected as per one’s janma nakshatra or the birth star.

Benefits :

  • Person attains material and Spiritual development by getting rid of the malefic effects of the planet by performing this homam.
  • Negative results are nullified and the positive results of Budhan are increased which helps the person or student flourish in educational field.
  • This homam helps in bringing harmony and fulfillment of desires and get rid of misfortune, health issues, and other evil effects.


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Pariharam for Budhan – Swetaranyeswarar Temple (Thiruvengadu)