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Astrology Consultation

We provide Expert Consultation services by analyzing your horoscope and finding out if there are any afflicted planets creating problems or any negative dosha creating troubles in your life.

  • Consultation will be provided via Phone Call or E-mail as per your convenience during your preferred time slot.
  • Consultation Report with a list of all the Doshas & remedies for the corresponding Doshas in the horoscope.
  • Your Horoscope Digital PDF - Soft copy will be provided.
Our Promise:
  • Verified & Professional Astrologers who are experts in Predictions & Consultations.
  • Remedies for Doshas will be prescribes as per Vedic Standards & Shastras.
  • We will help you in performing the Remedy - Parihara Poojas prescribed in the Consultation Report.
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Astrology Consultation