Hello {first_name} {last_name},

Regarding {pooja_name} to be performed on {pooja_date}, Please keep the below items ready.

  1. Kula devatha, Ganapathi and Lakshmi devi photos( Photos are Optional).
  2. Big oil lamps (Deepam), Cotton Batti (Hatti), oil, Mane(pita)/ Mats-2.
  3. Bowl(Battlu)-4, tray-4, 1 basins, 1 knife & Scissor, Spoons-2, news paper-3, Small Kalasa-1, Coconuts-5
  4. Pooja bell, karpoora thatte, Aarati Stand, Match box, Panchapatra utarani.

Flowers Needed:

  1. Flower garlands (Maale) for the couple/kartha and Lords Photos.
  2. Loose flowers (1 kgs- Rose and 1 kgs Chamanti/Sevantige).
  3. Mallige huvvu-15 Mola, Mango leaf/Ashoka tree leaf- 4 small bunches.

Fruits Needed:

  1. Any 4 types of fruits( Minimum 3 pieces each) with 2 dozen Banana.

Bricks & Sand Needed:

  1. Bricks (ittige)- 24 pieces
  2. Sand (Maralu) - 2 Bonds

Things to remember:

  1. Have Water can/ drinking water /plastic cups/ coffee or tea as required.
  2. 5rs or 1rs coins X 10.
  3. Mat / Spreadsheet to sit.
  4. Plastic box to take prasadam.
  5. Draw Rangoli inside and outside house after washing and cleaning the floor.
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