Aadi Velli –July 2017

The 4th month of the Tamil Calender, Aadi (July 17th–August 16th) is significant for spiritual growth and acquiring power. Aadiperukku or Aadi 18 is a unique day in this month. It marks the beginning of monsoon. Goddess Parvathi is worshipped with devotion for a good harvest.

All Fridays are ruled by Venus and are regarded as special for praying to the Goddess in all of her forms. However, each of the four Fridays during Aadi is particularly sacred days for connecting with the power of the Goddess, the divine feminine Shakti. Like rays of energy radiating from the Supreme Shakti, each form of Shakti provides you with special energy and ability to create good things in your life. It is believed that the Goddess Shakthi doubles Her power and worshipping Her this month will help one to achieve what one needs and protect Her devotees from all negative effects.

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